We're live at @BoeingAirplanes for the official kickoff of production of the #777x. More during this coming year. #Aviation #Boeing https://t.co/ukkmUvNERn, Is it me alone but I can't wait to see the #777X foldable wingtips in action. The luxurious 777X Cabin Learn more about the 777X: https://t.co/wXWztzf1lu https://t.co/hELYlWdpaM. Sir Tim describes the 777X as “an absolute peach”. Join us #live today at 10 a.m. PST (18:00 UTC) from Everett, Wash.! [119] Tendrá la intención de competir con el Airbus A350. CONFIRMED: Singapore Airlines' latest order for 20 Boeing 777-X and 19 Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners is now official. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #777X #boeing #airplanereveal @teague @boeing #merica #americanmade https://t.co/eN3VwfLMj8 https://t.co/ppYP3wp3dF, #777X first flight plane.... https://t.co/C2QjAzdTke, #boeing #777x #newairplane #BCA #Boeingcommercial https://t.co/v71wOuCeMZ, It’s everything I ever imagined it would be... simply amazing ❤️ https://t.co/B81LR6OlgA, #ICYMI A great shot of the first @BoeingAirplanes #777X #7779X #folding #wingtip. #777X #LH777x9 https://t.co/IzFREG9v25, #ICYMI @British_Airways orders up to 42 @BoeingAirplanes #777-9s #777X https://t.co/q0rGrZJA1y https://t.co/lgwa5YDFbf, Heads up for Boeing's new 777X and 797 airplanes. On track to enter service in 2020. IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE. Look at the size of those massive engines ❤❤ https://t.co/j8Nva6EF4f, Which one looks better? This is the promise of the new Boeing 777X, a hotly anticipated next-generation aircraft that is coming closer to readiness, in the first full mock-ups of its interior. #777X #cheesing #Boeing, Boeing’s Machinists and robots start production on first 777X. https://t.co/pqjZ4PtYnf. https://t.co/nJYeE28l9t. https://t.co/xTlEoyXQZ1, Peter Altmaier, Germany's economy minister, checking out the @BoeingAirplanes #777X, here at #ILA2018 in Berlin. No passenger seats yet. Boeing’s Helena, Montana, manufacturing site is set to install new machinery for manufacturing critical titanium parts for 777X production, the US manufacturer said Aug. 17. https://t.co/nsAt3aEvAl, Robotic and human workers join up to start production. WATCH: Amazing thermal video of Boeing … Pictures cathay pacific s new ten across boeing 777 economy cabin pictures cathay pacific s new ten across boeing 777 economy cabin review united 777 300er economy class frankfurt to san francisco as the boeing 777 evolves into 777x thoughts turn to paxex. Simple design enables compatibility Join me on this trip onboard Emirates' B777 new First Class suites from Dubai to Brussels. https://t.co/FleASME2UQ, Getting a closer look today as production begins on the new #Boeing #777X #komonews https://t.co/1lT96eNBJc, This afternoon, @BoeingAirplanes will celebrate the start of #777X production at PAE in Everett. Meet the @BoeingAirplanes #777X https://t.co/MXQVKVEnHy, This is the only angle to show the 777-9X #777x #Boeing https://t.co/yDARJsB7cP, My beautiful new #777X https://t.co/RBRxE2W0QU https://t.co/qXEVTvWiEl, My beautiful new #777X https://t.co/B4Nk0gO2OG https://t.co/OH8WPOicBh, Anyway, here’s Wonderwall #777X https://t.co/mVKMR2HM7D, Bapak tinggi gila nose gear #777x https://t.co/mffXdiThJu, Oh. Here's a look back to the first time it took a simulation flight. Boeing 777X pending delivery. Thank you so much @DjsAviation #jetengine #aviation #engineering #technology #avgeek @JonROhman https://t.co/EKu6cGYoL8, BOEING 777X TAKES TO THE AIR – IN GERMANY. Incredibly, it was almost a quarter of a century ago that Boeing program managers described the impending convergence of parts for construction of the first 777 at Everett, Washington, as an “aluminum avalanche.” Fast forward to 2018... Boeing partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to create a tool used to build the folding wing tip for the forthcoming 777X airplane. Check out our Instagram Story for more images and to learn what makes this jet so special. https://t.co/txsbGBSh6c, The perfect angle to highlight the immense size of the GE9X engines on the #777X https://t.co/aNeYkOdyyE, I AM SO EXCITED! The 777X is Boeing's newest family of twin-aisle airplanes that builds on the passenger-preferred and market-leading 777 and 787 families. Learn more: bit.ly/777XFoldingWingtip, READY JET-SET GO-Incredible pics reveal the 777X jetliner, The stunning images give viewers a glimpse into the future of air travel as the aeronautical firm unveils its latest offering, An exclusive tour of Boeing's gigantic jet factory. The engine that will power our #777X just began certification testing. Key to his enthusiasm is the aircraft’s economics and greater space — it is 20 per cent more efficient per seat than the industry’s long-time benchmark the 777-300ER. wordt ook wel het zevende wonder van Boeing genoemd. The carrier’s fleet consists of 777-200 and … Want to know why we created a folding wingtip? El 777X tendrá dos variantes; el 777-8X y el 777-9X. However, we don’t know too much about the aircraft so in this article we’ll be taking a look at what we do know and what Emirates … Front: Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong (left) and Boeing CEO Kevin McAllister (right) https://t.co/itv0HzLUoW by @AsiaJetWatch https://t.co/Jbvi11Uc1Q. The driving force behind the 777X is Emirates President Sir Tim Clark, whose airline is the lead buyer with an order for 150. According to Arabian Business, Premium Economy will be launched on the Airbus A380 fleet in December 2020; however this is yet to be confirmed by the airline. So far, 340 orders and commitments for the 777X are inked from an array of carriers, including All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines. Mal podemos esperar pelo verão europeu de 2020. pic.twitter.com/USt08C9lsq, — Boeing Airplanes (@BoeingAirplanes) August 5, 2019. We are collecting cookies for marketing purposes. @SUBARU_CORP gears up for @BoeingAirplanes #777X with eye on efficiency, cost WATCH: Amazing thermal video of Boeing 757 landing You can watch it LIVE at 1315pdt on FacebookLIVE #Exciting #777-9 #777X, Made the @seattlepi for the new airplane I'm working on! Here’s a look inside the cabin of #WH001, which will be a fully-instrumented and outfitted flight test aircraft. 777x GE engines! With 12%fuel efficiency and 10% lower operating costs compared to the A350-1000, the #777x is going to be the leader in the Long haul twin engine market. #777X #Boeing777X @Boeing https://t.co/bza4mgNvzt, Excited to see what we’ve been working on for the past year come all together! Click on our profile link to learn more. Boeing has 340 orders and commitments for 777X, including from Emirates, Lufthansa and Qatar Airways. #777X https://t.co/QrJZhP1S6q, LIVE AT THE BOEING 777X ROLLOUTI BUILT THAT!! The 777X’s maiden flight will not take place until 2020, as Boeing has confirmed in recent weeks, but Emirates Airline, the model’s largest customer, is already celebrating the first jet ever to be assembled in the US on its social networks. https://t.co/AzbnIx8z4T, @Boeing @BoeingAirplanes 777X wing & tail parts in production in St. Louis including innovative folding wingtip. For this, it have some reliable working systems, tested and designed by Liebherr Aerospace. Use the slider below to see the different types of cookies you can choose to allow. Ride inside a boeing t x cockpit with a 360 view. Emirates (EK/UAE) has announced that it will introduce an improved business class seat on-board its upcoming Boeing 777X aircraft. Submit your photos to av8rdaily@gmail.com Explore our cabins in 3D. https://t.co/EfwE0F4fny https://t.co/Y4vY6SxWy6, Lufthansa Quietly Reveals New Boeing #777X #PremiumEconomy Seat The first landing gear for the #777X flight test ✈ are on their way thanks to Héroux-Devtek. @BoeingAirplanes to reveal #777-9 on 13 March In this newest version of the 777-300ER, all classes feature Emirates ICE inflight entertainment system. I’m so thankful for them both #777x #newairplane #BCA #proudboeingemployee https://t.co/ghTLrmpdaZ, @AirportWebcams She’s a beauty! We have placed cookies on your device to enhance your browsing experience. Photo Source: @lufthansaNews Curious travelers are now getting a first look inside the world’s largest twin-engine jet. We'll share a rare glimpse inside a #Boeing paint facility and hear from our team about what's next for the 777X test airplane.
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