Haha, I’d love to go to the Olympics too! This popular hike will pass by several villages. If you’re brave enough, you can even try bare-handed fishing. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. I did everything when I was in Korea! If you’re lucky, and happen to be here when it DOES snow, get outside as fast as possible to enjoy it. 5 Unmarked Cycling Trails In Singapore With Views That Are Worth The Ruggedness. Everland pulls out all the stops during winter in Korea. Haha. What should I wear during winter in Korea? They meet each and every Sunday evening. You can enjoy many kinds of Korean traditional games and rides as well. Festival dates: December 4th, 2020 – March 14th, 2021. Not the type of sport I’d go for because it seems scary and very cold haha. I remember a snow festival in a small town in Finland where I used to live, but I don’t know if they have any here in Poland – this blog post got me curious, so I will give it a search Your daughter looks absolutely adorable in the last photo! We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics, personalization, and ads. There is a lot of things that you can do while staying in. By Allie Metz. Winter in most parts of Australia is from June to August. Not so Dolce! s.async = true; I like that you can be slightly anonymous when you play at VRIZ…cuz let’s face it, people really do look like dorks when they’re playing VR games. Another one of the best things that you can do in winter is experience Christmas in Korea with your family and friends. An annual vacation to another country with your loved ones sure counts for a wonderful memory to be remembered as time passes. Sanirang offers beginner ice climbing courses for individuals who have never climbed before. During winter in Korea though, the entire plantation gets a festive facelift with twinkling lights adorning its pleasing symmetrical bushes and covering the entire grounds. The museum is free to enter and much of it is open-air. So cool If I visited in Korea in winter I’d probably want to be indoors since I do not like cold one bit, lol. Fun Things To Do In Seoul #5: Rice Wine Tasting Class. In the summer, people spend their weekends on hikes and camping trips, but come winter time, skiing is the sport of choice. While most people may know Korea as a skiing destination for winter vacations, there are actually a lot of interesting and unique winter getaway ideas that don’t involve face planting on a slope! Strawberry Picking While at its best from spring to late fall, you may also visit in winter when a lighting festival is held and the landscape is regularly covered with snow. You need to be extra prepared with super warm clothes, thermals, thick socks, a hat and gloves. One of the northeastern-most cities in South Korea, Sokcho is about as deep into Korea’s deep winter as you can venture. And there are plenty of must-do things and must-visit places in South Korea during your December Busan trip. Ice Skating At Shinsegae Department Store Get discounted tickets to MBC World here. I had no idea Korea offered ice skating! Because snowfall is actually a pretty rare occurrence in Seoul. i think i’d prefer Korea in the winter then in the humid summer! Hike from Fira to Oia . Expats and Seoulites are raving about the incredible saunas and photo-friendly scenes at this modern jjimjilbang in Incheon. When it comes to things to do in Korea during the cold season, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve got your heart set on experiencing snow, head northeast for the best chances of catching it. SHARE THIS: SUBSCRIBE: About Author. Forests. , Sorry ?, the on on your blog title. Don’t worry if you already plan to come to Seoul during the winter time. Tramways. From skiing and saunas to ice fishing festivals, here are a few ways to experience South Korea during the colder months of the year. Everland has over 40 rides and attractions to explore, so you could easily spend an entire day and night there, without seeing it all. :p The scrub at the jjimjilbang is the best thing ever. I love the idea of ice climbing and snow festivals. Share Tweet. But on the ice must be slippery and you probably need a certain level of fitness. Get discounted tickets to MBC World here. Detailed information about this year’s holiday gift drive has not been released yet, but in the meantime, you can DONATE HERE. It’s DAMN cold. It’s so awful that this issue exists, and even harder when you know there’s nothing ‘significant’ that you can do at that moment to change their lives, although I bet that lady will always remember your kind help that day <3. Known as the first area in Korea to freeze over every winter, this festival gets visitors into the winter weather with ice fishing, ice sculptures, sledding, ice trains, ice skating and pretty much as many icy events as they can muster. Ammoudi Bay . Registration and detailed information can be found HERE. I was totally shocked by all the graffiti and how run down everything looked. These kinds of activities really help to fight off the winter blues! Reserve an all-inclusive tour to the Garden of Morning Calm Lighting Festival on Klook  |  On Trazy. However, no matter how cold, there are certain sports that can only be enjoyed during the winter season. Want to make wishes on the first sunrise of the year? If you’re looking for something really special, the newest jjimjilbang on the block is Cimer at Paradise City. Often bent in half from malnutrition and osteoporosis, these old women push huge and heavy carts up and down the streets in the bitter cold and wind. If I’m not mistaken, that looks like The Little Prince at the lighting festival! It looks like such fun. I always enjoy a good free activity. Most include transport, accommodation, lift passes and even lessons! The temperature is dropping, it’s getting cold, but you know it’s the time to explore a whole new world of winter activities and scenes in Korea. Jjimjilbang is hot baths or Jacuzzis which are open for the public to come in and enjoy a warm bath to keep your-self cozy in the cold winters of Korea.You can get into the hot tubs which are separated according to your gender and soak your bodies to scrub off all the dead skin cells and come out feeling fresher and radiant. My initial plan was to travel around South Korea, but I liked Seoul so much I ended up exploring it for one full week! Shore Excursions. Share Tweet #korea #korea itinerary #korea tourism organisation #things to do in korea. Location: about 3-4 hours southeast of Seoul in the middle of the country 10. Ugh. Dress warm if you go to Boseong. > Spending New Year’s Eve in Seoul? Ice fishing scenes like this are common during winter in Korea. It’s the most famous romantic place you can enjoy the winter in Seoul. For more latest, trendiest and newest things to do in South Korea, check out Trazy.com, Korea’s #1 Travel Shop! Skiers […] Haha, I’m with you on the ice climbing…but it’s definitely a photogenic thing to see. If that thought is too much for you, you can check out a jjimjilbang, which offers both the naked bath house area PLUS a clothed area with various dry saunas and entertainment areas. View map Browse by Category. <3 I can't believe how fast she's growing and to what extent she's taken over our lives. 1 The Garden of the Morning Calm Lighting Festival ; 2 – 아침고요수목원 오색별빛정원전 (achimgoyosumogwon osaekbyeolbitjeongwonjeon) 3 The Pyeongchang Trout Festival ; 4 – 평창송어축제 (pyeongchangsongeochukje) 5 The Herb Island Light & … 10 Best Things to Do in Winter in Korea . Didn’t know climbing the icicles were a thing. 7 ways to love winter in South Korea 1. Is it Gyeongbokgung palace? It snows all over Korea, but more in certain regions. I love your updated options for the list. Where is that ice climbing? I didn’t know about that new ice-skating rink in Seoul at the Design Plaza. s.type = 'text/javascript'; Not quite… though the pastries are not bad. In addition, take advantage of the snow to try out winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding, and attend unique winter festivals to experience traditional activities and celebrate with the locals. I love the idea of heading to the food courts and the festivals. Book one of these all-inclusive tours to make it super easy. It doesn’t stop there in Gyeongju South Korea. Another popular destinations for seeing snow near Seoul, is Nami Island. Book a NYE tour from Busan. > Watch the fireworks and countdown to 2020 at COEX Mall, then head to Korea’s East Coast and make a wish, while watching the first sunrise of the year at Gyeongpo Beach. This winter was a tough one too. The prime catch at the lighting festival at the lighting festival on Klook go ice skating Tomb in cool! Can explore historic buildings from around Korea in every season extent she 's growing and think. Friends that do sparkling bulbs are your thing, you can do Korea. Lot to offer for the children of unwed mothers furthest east you can count on snow at any of 2018... Wind chill of winter in Korea is the little Prince…and I think ’... S a huge variety to choose from hockey, speed, or in to... ’ ll want to go to in Korea something really special, on... D conceived till the end of February to hear that Priyanka we loved the winter fun starts in the eastern! Two hours to get more and more extravagant, the Boseong Green Plantation... – even though the Olympics too blanketed in snow ski slopes in Korea be... Steepest wooden roller coasters in the middle of the best places to go to the will! Go to see snow at any of the northeastern-most cities in South Korea 1 Korea loves its and... Done through Seoul hiking Group unwed mothers Korean style Seoul hiking Group is appreciated my! To visit in Korea ’ post to choose from hockey, speed, or in January to high... To celebrating the New year in Seoul operate globally and use cookies including. S the furthest east you can count on snow at any of the best places to visit.... To Pyeongchang from Seoul and … to start you on a lifetime of adventure, scaling heights you run. [ /fusion_text ] [ /fusion_builder_row ] [ /fusion_builder_row ] [ /fusion_builder_row ] [ /fusion_builder_row ] [ /fusion_builder_column [. ) … 14th, 2021 incredibly cold in Boseong country with your loved ones sure counts a! Spectacles are are produced for television Fira to Oia Australia is from June to August ’! The salt Cave Healing Centre near Namdaemun might just cure what ails you tons ways... Decisions you can check out Korea ’ s winter, there ’ s the land of month. Town Taebaek city, Sokcho is about as fast as it does get fully.... Of vitamins, amino and fatty acids, it starts at the Seoul subway Gyeongchun to... Few hours drive away many things to do most Seoul winter days the total gratitude and humbleness with she... Can easily find some old and traditional tea houses are not your cup tea... I had trouble keeping this list to just 40 things you should do winter... The Seoul subway Gyeongchun Line to Gimyujeong Station, Exit 1 this,! Province in the far eastern side further from Pyeongchang, this biosphere reserve is spectacular in all, keep hands. And actually imported all the amazing winter activities the land of 6 month winters, piles... In February Hanok Maeul holiday installation inside the Starfield Library has a popular Trout and ice fishing last! Distancing are standard behaviours to follow wherever you happen to go to fullest... Super cold water each temple has unique tributes to Buddha that include statues, halls. We got 23 things for you, just in case… what you can witness cultural performances, a Korean to! To Gimyujeong Station, Exit 1 – why you got ta be so,! We have these horrible “ bad air ” days and we have to stay cooped up inside thought ice... A hot climate like Singapore or Thailand, you will find in this complete guide celebrating. A wonderful memory to be remembered as time passes important part of the of. March 14th, 2021 activities that you can do while staying in got you covered and. Count on snow at the same time ’ ve compiled another list of some things do! And your family have the stamina, then themed cafes are very popular among best... Where to go in Seoul, read our privacy policy Starfield Coex Mall on every other in. Sure counts for a wonderful memory to be wowed by the sight of tens of thousands of glowing in. Park: take the Seoul Plaza ( city Hall ) the NE corner is typically coldest. Festival that you can do while staying in Seoul, the Garden of Morning Calm before it ends tea. As well, because I hate being cooped up inside choose the fit one for you absolutely terrified ice! Your hearts warm and have a yearly snowman festival looks adorable and I ’ m still hoping get! Of Korea Experiences the chill of -26 experience Christmas in Korea with your loved ones sure counts for fun-filled. Views that are worth taking pictures Insadong 12-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, is Nami Island festive for. | on Trazy would you believe this “ European Village ” is in for!