There are a lot of small parts and pieces, and many steps. More Information. BERLIN, CT, January 7, 2019 – Yale today expanded its popular Assure Lock line of smart locks with the introduction ofthe Assure Lever, a new lever lock designed for single-hole doors from side entries, garages basements, interior rooms and more. The second option is to go with the August Connect version which connects via Bluetooth and Wifi via a small hub that plugs into a wall socket. Learn more, Airbnb Integration, Keypad, Long Distance Locking with add-on, and Touchscreen.
We spent some time living with the Yale Assure Lever smart door lock to find out if it lives up to its promise of bringing the smart door lock indoors. Any door size requirements? Additional options for you include either a touch screen or physical button version. This $279 smart door lock has the good looks of Yale's earlier models, but it … The Yale Assure Lever lock brings HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant to non-deadbolt doors including interior doors, basements, garages, and more. Additional options for you include either a touch screen or physical button version. Once you get past the confusing line-up of Yale Assure and August connectivity this lever lock offers a full feature set and could be a perfect fit for you if you are looking for a clean lever/handle replacement. Yale Security Assure Lock with Z-Wave – Smart Touchscreen Keypad Deadbolt – Works with Ring Alarm, Samsung Smartthings, Wink, ADT, and More – Satin Nickel; 4. All things considered, the Yale Assure SL works incredibly well. The Yale Assure Lever Lock supports or integrates with the following apps and voice assistants: [gravityform id="38" title="false" description="false" ajax="true" tabindex="49"],
They provide security, convenience, peace of mind – and they have some serious wow-factor (walking up to your front door and having it unlock for you is still pretty cool, admit it). Locking and unlocking with voice worked well with all three voice assistants, and while the auto unlocking isn’t so useful inside the house (geofencing isn’t really designed to work from room to room), the option for auto-locking after a certain period of time was useful. At Postscapes we combine our years of experience following the smart home market along with user reviews to take the guesswork out of living securely connected. The interior portion is large and quite bulky, to accommodate the 4 AA batteries needed to keep it running. Can't find it listed on the Ring app for installation to the Ring Security System. The lock doesn't talk to you like Nest x Yale, but its default keypad sounds are noisy, even on the lower sound setting, and for an indoor lock you’ll probably want to turn them off.
The Yale Assure Lock SL is an excellent key-free smart lock, especially if you use Google, Amazon or Apple smart home devices. While it's nothing fancy to look at, the Assure has a ton of great use-cases in the home, and just by popping in a smart module it becomes the ideal smart lock for whatever smart home set-up you have. First Unread. Here we did run into some problems, with the app telling us to press a non-existent enrollment button on the lock.
Overall, we found this to be a great addition to our smart home, letting us bring the smarts of the door locks we love on our front and back doors into other areas of the home. The site is partially  reader-supported. We prefer the Nest x Yale’s way where you have to press the gear button to lock, as it’s too easily to accidentally lock this one with Auto Lock turned on. Yale Assure Lock SL: Smart features As a standalone digital lever, there is no need for an additional deadbolt lock, nor a latch or a separate door handle. This is a key step, as without the module this lock is just a standard keypad, and to program user codes or set any locking options you have to follow a set of laborious steps detailed in the manual that include pushing certain buttons in a certain order – not smart. We may earn money when you click on links on our site. The Yale Assure Lever is a different type of product than the August Smart Lock Pro, of course. How do the different Yale lever locks compare to each other? © Postscapes.
Buy on Amazon. If you have a connected smart home hub like SmartThings or Wink that has a smart watch app you should be able to control it remotely. Slickdeals Forums Hot Deals Yale Assure Smart Lock with Lever $179. Assure Lever (YRL216, YRL226, YRL236, YRL256) - Yale US Yale Assure Locks and Assure Levers are now available to work with the Yale Access app, from anywhere! The Assure Lever can be upgraded to work with your smart home system.
  • Replace your existing lever or knob with the Assure Lever, a keypad lever lock, and enjoy the convenience of unlocking and locking your door using the backlit keypad; you'll never have to carry around your keys again. Price when reviewed$279 YALE ASSURE LOCK SL REVIEW – THE BOTTOM LINE. I currently have a Yale YRD256ZW2619 deadbolt for my front door and just bought and installed this Yale YRL256ZW2619 Lever Lock for my garage door. The Postscapes Team is here to help you keep your home and family safely connected. It claims to have a 9V battery backup, meaning you should be safe if your batteries die. The Yale Assure Lock SL uses 4 AA batteries required. This version gives you remote locking and monitoring out of the box without another hub. The site is partially  reader-supported. The Yale smart lock is a well-designed that has a minimalist forward panel with the touchpad. 2. Yale Assure Lock Keypad with Norwood Lever in Satin Nickel; 2. Lock Dimensions 1.5 x 2.5 x 4 inches With HomeKit and Alexa you can also add the lock to your smart home routines, scenes and automations. Yale assure review feature Keyless entry During installation you can also set up the DoorSense sensor, which is optional but highly recommended: there’s no point remotely locking your door and feeling secure, only to come home and find it wide open with the bolt extended. As another reviewer notes, it is a marriage between Yale and August - or at least they have moved in together. If you click through using links on the site, we may earn an affiliate commission. It’s a misleadingly straightforward starter suggestion that pounds up a variation of Yale’s already accessible Assure Lock SL with August’s shrewd lock network and highlights. Pick out the look that matches your door and house style. Copyright Wareable Ltd. All rights reserved. The Assure Lever … Available in rubbed bronze, satin nickel and polished brass, this lock doesn’t scream smart because on its own it’s not. 3,420 Views 3 Comments. Both have backlit numbers, and which one you’ll use comes down to personal preference; for the less-techie user the physical buttons aren’t as intimidating, but the touchscreen looks cooler as it’s all black when not in use. This has some positives if you are already familiar with those systems but confusing if this is your first “smart” product. Designed for single-hole doors (doors without a deadbolt). did not find any other store where this model is offered at $179 The Yale Assure Lock SL runs on four included AA batteries. Yale assure review. Replace your existing lever or knob with the Assure Lever, a keypad lever lock, and enjoy the convenience of unlocking and locking your door using the backlit keypad; you'll never have to carry around your keys again. So, you can add smarts to your basement door, the door to your garage, a shed, your home office – anywhere without a handle and deadbolt pairing. Max User Codes = 250 with Smart Module and 25 without. © Postscapes. Postscapes is an independent review site. Got the Z-Wave version but don’t have a smart home hub yet? 1. The lock has two options for the keypad – acrylic push button or touchscreen. A couple of problems with this new lock. The Yale Access Upgrade Kit (sold with locks or as an upgrade accessory) will allow you to lock/unlock, share access and see who comes and goes all from your Yale Access app.Yale Access Upgrade Kits come with a Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, so you'll be able to do it all from anywhere, no … The Yale Assure Lever lock is an easy to use, versatile, well-connected smart lock that plays with Apple's smart home platform as well as many others. However, it is expensive, so really only worth it if you have a room you want to "protect" or a vulnerable exterior door that doesn't have a deadbolt (such as a shed or internal garage door).
    Advanced Search. What kind and how many batteries does this lock have? Had to add it as the 220 Lever Lock. The former is a complete replacement entry handleset, … Once the hardware is installed, the August App walks through registering the August smart module. Learn More. This Yale’s Assure Lever YRL236 is my second connected lock in my home and is a very welcomed addition. Yale Assure Smart Lock with Lever $179 $179.00 + 9 Deal Score. The lock does not have its own dedicated smart phone app and relies heavily on either the August app if you have that version or your smart home hub app. HomeKit, Alexa, Google, Z-Wave – it's all on offer. What are the locks dimensions? We may earn money when you click on links on our site. Multiple connectivity options including Wifi and Bluetooth via the August Connect version or Z-Wave and Zigbee to connect to your existing smart home hub or security systems. Smart door locks are one of our favourite smart home gadgets. is_confirmation;var mt = parseInt(jQuery('html').css('margin-top'), 10) + parseInt(jQuery('body').css('margin-top'), 10) + 100;if(is_form){jQuery('#gform_wrapper_38').html(form_content.html());if(form_content.hasClass('gform_validation_error')){jQuery('#gform_wrapper_38').addClass('gform_validation_error');} else {jQuery('#gform_wrapper_38').removeClass('gform_validation_error');}setTimeout( function() { /* delay the scroll by 50 milliseconds to fix a bug in chrome */ jQuery(document).scrollTop(jQuery('#gform_wrapper_38').offset().top - mt); }, 50 );if(window['gformInitDatepicker']) {gformInitDatepicker();}if(window['gformInitPriceFields']) {gformInitPriceFields();}var current_page = jQuery('#gform_source_page_number_38').val();gformInitSpinner( 38, '' );jQuery(document).trigger('gform_page_loaded', [38, current_page]);window['gf_submitting_38'] = false;}else if(!is_redirect){var confirmation_content = jQuery(this).contents().find('.GF_AJAX_POSTBACK').html();if(!confirmation_content){confirmation_content = contents;}setTimeout(function(){jQuery('#gform_wrapper_38').replaceWith(confirmation_content);jQuery(document).scrollTop(jQuery('#gf_38').offset().top - mt);jQuery(document).trigger('gform_confirmation_loaded', [38]);window['gf_submitting_38'] = false;}, 50);}else{jQuery('#gform_38').append(contents);if(window['gformRedirect']) {gformRedirect();}}jQuery(document).trigger('gform_post_render', [38, current_page]);} );} );,
    Pick your lock: The best smart door locks. Retail Price $299.00 There’s also no keyed option, but if the batteries run out on you there are two metal contacts on the front that you can jolt with a 9-volt battery to get a burst of power. If you are really needing a backup physical key you will need to look elsewhere as this lock has no key access at all. For a retrofit installation all the equipment you should need is a Philips head screwdriver. Zigbee, Control4 and Crestron modules are in the works. Plus, with August comes HomeKit compatibility, and Alexa and Google voice control.
    The Assure Lever is a keypad lever lock that replaces your existing knob or lever hardware. The version we tested was the push button August Connect version, and it came packaged with the August smart module, an August DoorSense sensor (a small device that can tell if your door is opened or closed), and an August Connect device (which you’ll need if you want to control the lock remotely). Amazon Price $299.00 However, this makes it a little harder to know if it’s locked or not, because the locking mechanism itself is so quiet. Yale Security Assure Lock SL – Key-Free Touchscreen Door Lock in Satin Nickel; 3. What tools do I need to install this lock? Lock Weight 5.62 pounds. The Yale Assure lever lock is designed to replace doors with just a handle/lever hole and for places where you do not need a physical key for access. Z-Wave explained: What is Z-Wave and why is it important for your smart home? Reliant on 3rd party apps for control and they each have their own levels of ability with regards to access codes, remote locking, etc. We won’t walk through all the steps (there are a lot), but it’s not much different from installing a deadbolt smart lock, just with some extra steps relating to the position of the lever, securing the lever handles, and inserting the cylinders. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Note: You will need the August connect version for this to work. This is a lot of hardware you'd pay separately for with most other smart door locks. But with the module installed, the August App becomes your lock’s easy interface, where you can add user codes (up to 250), view a log of lock activity, and set auto-lock, auto-unlock, and notifications. Now, thanks to the Yale Assure Lever lock, we can. You can turn on one-touch locking in the app, but any button you touch activates the locking.
    • Overall the Yale Assure lever is a solid option that has good user reviews and a wide range of connectivity options to fit your exact needs. Lock and unlock remotely using the August App, have it unlock automatically as you approach via Bluetooth, set it to lock when you leave, share access (permanent or temporary), see a history of who has accessed the lock, and get notified when it’s locked or unlocked. At Postscapes we combine our years of experience following the smart home market along with user reviews to take the guesswork out of living securely connected. Nest Yale Lock: Nest and Yale partnered up for a Google-centric smart lock with a touch keypad. C by GE is now Cync and there's plenty more to it than just smart lights, Zigbee vs Z-Wave: We help you decide which is best for your smart home, ​Smart home wiring 101: A beginner's guide, The best smart locks: Smart security from August, Yale, Schlage and more. best 4 Yale Keypad Locks: 1. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Could be a benefit but not having a physical key slot or backup key could be seen as a downside. With the August smart module installed, this lock is – for all intents and purposes – an August Smart Lock. It comes with August Door Sense, a motion sensor to monitor who comes and goes through your door.