Since the bathroom had already been framed when we bought the house (we’re the second owners), we decided not to spend the money of running a second soil line from the second floor, through the first floor, to the craw space under the house. Thanks for the comments and photo Gordon. The Duravit 2139090000 is such a model and its reasonably priced (you can see it here). 2 – TOTO Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Bowl Toilet. Wall-mounted bides are trickier to install then floor-mounted models. We look at the reputation of the brand, we look at various functional parameters of the toilet, the amount of space it saves, the efficiency of the flush, the cleaning friendly nature, the shape of the bowl and the height of the installation. I’m going to respond as I found this whole thing frustrating due to bad info everywhere. I am in the beginning stages of a kitchen and master bath remodel. In my home, there is a customized wall-mount water tank with a sit on floor toliet. My design is minimalistic and ease of cleaning, both of which fit this wall hung criteria. Since a wall-hung toilet doesn't touch the floor, it's much easier to keep the floor clean. The toilet uses hardly any water, has no in-wall tank and is impossible to plug. I’m happy and starting my own blog since no one talks about this. I’ve been dealing with a bastardized wall mount installation as well. I suspect the plumbers you have talked to have not installed many of these and that these installations take more time. Is there any way to lower the toilet without moving the actuator ? Attach the supplied rubber seals to the ends of both the smaller white flush connector and the larger black waste connector. Is it possible to have the waste line run sideways (down) vs straight down? In case acoustic foam is added between the wall and the toilet, I’m not even sure if these 3 mm should be subtracted from the final pipe length. This is so much trouble and finding someone to help us is impossible! 10. The process of installation is slightly complicated and since the flush tank is concealed, it becomes difficult to access the flush for repairs. This is an easy / common fix to install a standard water pressure tank for $40 – $50 and reverse flow preventer which makes up for the missing GPM. Too late either way. This connection is made with a PVC shielded rubber transition coupling (I think it is included, or just search for “Fernco Proflex pvc coupling”) – you can get these at any home improvement store and they are sized depending on the pipe connections (i.e. They are expensive, however. Even this Geberit manual can be very misleading with their drawing of distances C and 1/8″ which is drawn so it looks like pipe should be cut longer – . No idea what could be the problem. I don’t know why they seem to hate these things but every one that I have talked to has tried to talk me out of it. Sorry for your trouble, but I would guess the problem lies with your rough-in plumbing or the installation of the Geberit unit. (image from Geberit – used with permission). However, having the ability to save floor space in smaller bathrooms is something that many people aim for when renovating. I usually dismiss the majority of Amazon reviews as being inaccurate and biased. Do so by disconnecting the distal end of the supply line (connected the tank) and opening the supply valve to purge air. Along with so many pros, there are still some cons associated with these toilets. It’s also possible the pipe was not affixed to the Geberit frame. So, about the 2×4 framing for our wall mounted toilet; I have no reservations. Unfortunately a very expensive large mirror was installed over the entire actuator. We have had nothing but high praise for it and after several years of use, never once had a issue or clog. Although not required, this horizontal blocking is a good idea, as it will strengthen the framing around the unit. Also, it will be expensive to install etc. Connect supplied shut off valve to 1/2″ supply plumbing then mount so valve is accessible within carrier unit. WALL-MOUNTED TOILET INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CAUTION: PRODUCT IS FRAGILE. Then pass the valve into the carrier through the access hole (remove the cap first) at the top left of the unit. We have never had a clog nor used a plunger on this toilet! Required fields are marked *. It’s about how to measure and cut the inlet and discharge pipes. The manual I have says that the minimum wall thickness is 3/4″, which sounds like 1/2″ backer board and 1/4″ tile on top. Even so, all the info I can find seems to indicate that the pipe needs to be fastened to the Geberit frame. Gusset Angle, Newborn 102D Drip-Free Smooth Hex Rod Cradle Caulking Gun, Oatay Plumbing Solder Kit, 1/4 lb solder and 1.7 oz flux, (image from Geberit – used with permission), Goesnie Jappie Alliance Plumbers & Civils. The back side of my tank will be facing a bedroom. In addition, there may be issues with access to the rubber gaskets used to seal the carrier and toilet bowl connections. Not all bowl makes and models will work with all tank makes and models, and you could end up with limited choices for one or the other. Any advises will be appreciated..Thank you. Really nice writeup. You can also subscribe without commenting. Remove the plaster cover from the actuator access. To me it sounds like your downstairs unit is connected to drain plumbing with inadequate venting or improper drain plumbing connections or even leaks. Designed to maximize water savings, Zurn EcoVantage 1.1 gpf wall hung high efficiency toilet systems provide 31% water consumption savings over traditional 1.6 gpf systems. 6. Geberit in-wall flush toilet systems for wall-hung toilets are the classics of modern bathroom design, installed over a million times around the world for more than 50 years. When connecting the braided water line use only hand tightening. There was no mention of this in the installation manual or any manufacturer videos I found. Thanks for the tips. Wall hung toilets are mostly used in European culture. Since this was a permitted project and I was having my work inspected, I followed the generally accepted practice of omitting the toilet for rough in inspection. First, we chose an American Standard wall hung with an external tank – now they are saying the wall won’t take it and we need an in-wall carrier with a 2×4 carrier, They are suggesting an in-wall tank by DXV. Great write up. Our wall mounted toilet reviews are compiled through an approach that is systematic. Anyway, my big fear with this is if there’s a leak with the tank we would need to demo the wall to get to the tank. Measure 3 1/8″ from the non-seal end of the pipe and cut there. This is because the tanks of wall-mounted toilets, and their flushing mechanisms, must be built into bathroom walls, as opposed to simply being placed in front of them. My lower floor’s bathroom was constructed with 7′ ceilings because of the toilet drain from the upper floor’s bathroom – looks cave-like. Glenwall 1.6 gpf Pressure Assisted Wall-Mounted Toilet. Thank you very much for the information you posted. Then, insert both connectors into the pipe openings in the wall with the seal ends out. I too live at the Jersey Shore and have the same issue. If you’re interested, here’s what I found: Got a used Crane commercial bowl for $25 (They are $250 new, used available everywhere) and new flushOmeters to go with it for $110. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for using the site. I have not noticed any flex in the wall and I am totally confident that the unit and wall could support 500 lbs or more. Be sure to add nail plates or metal strapping to protect the waste pipe when installing the finished wall. I’ve contacted Geberit and sent them pictures to include one showing vertical studs both leveled. It pushes everything down the pipes instantly – including toliet paper-and has not smell. It seems that you installed yours lower than his, although your Geberit tank is the standard 2×6 model. Hi Gary, I’ve been reading this thread and have found great relief knowing that I am not the only one perplexed with this situation. We also reinforced the studs with Simpson Strong Tie GA2 gusset plates and structural grade fasteners to help manage the added load on the wall framing. It’s the same Nick who contacted you almost 3 years ago but never really found time to go ahead with this project. These rods are notched to allow sizing to match the wall depth. Gerberit makes a Monolith line of against the wall carriers that might work. As the name suggests, wall mounted toilets are attached to the wall. Sister studs and or additional blocking on either side of the tank frame studs is also a good idea, to add some strength and rigidity to the wall. (image from Geberit – used with permission). When a wall-mounted toilet leaks when flushed, it means the plumbing works were not well done or the toilet seal is not sealing anymore. I would try and find an interior wall that would work or consider something like the Gerberit Monolith. Here’s a different one. Begin by connecting the supplied 90-degree outlet pipe fitting (black in color) to the carrier frame using the supplied, two-piece clamp bracket. This structure is a bit different than yours because it’s meant for solid, concrete walls. The kit is available for both a 3 and 4 inch (90mm and 110mm) waste exit on the toilet. I haven’t decided yet whether to go with 2×4 or 2×6 but your information will certainly help me make that decision. It also has an advantage of height adjustment as per the user preference. This wall-mounted style is excellent at hiding the toilet plumbing parts and give it a sleek look. Feel free to upload an image of your work if you like. I like the looks of the Toto Aquia – very sleek. Geberit plumbing connector kit. Characteristics Options for wall-mounted toilets, with toilet tank. The bathroom sink is from the “Happy D” line of console sinks by Duravit. Looks like there are a few domestic toilets available for this tank, but they might be hard to find. I found your site to be so informative. Thank you, really, for taking the time to put this together. Of course, to make sure it’s installed correctly I checked your instructions, but also every other info I could find on the procedure on the net. I still need to temporarily patch the hole in the floor and finish off a couple other minor details. Great site full of information and thanks again for the reply. The bathrooms and toilet installs look amazing! Each wall mounted toilet tank frame has specific stud spacing requirements. My Geberit/Toto unit has excellent flushing power (I have never needed a plunger!) Requirements and style vary from person to person. Got a great price on the tank from PoshHaus with free two-day delivery and toilet, seat and actuator from Here’s a pic of my venting below the carrier. The barrier free shower means there is no ledge to step over. It covers the actuator and extends 5 inches below the actuator. Cut the supply and waste pipes as outlined above. Another option, but likely expensive, would be to convert to an on-the-wall carrier/tank system that would cover the old actuator cutout and allow height adjustments like the Geberit Monolith system wall mount toilet system. Remove both of the connectors. As Gary suggested, I used part 366.914.16.1 to do this — I’ve attached front and back photos below. I was originally going to have to use three 90’s to get the waste from the toilet to the soil stub up. So… i’ve decided to go with a walmount but ended up saving a lot of money by NOT having an in-wall tank. wall mount toilet. The only thing still missing is the flush actuator plate, which I plan to custom fabricate in the shop to match the rest of the finish trim in the bathrooms. Good luck with the install. The wall-mounted ones can either be installed on the external wall or an extra wall needs to be constructed to achieve the desired wall thickness for accommodating the concealed flush cistern. Well not reall. by Cabin DIY April 13, 2014, 3:32 pmupdated October 7, 2020, 3:05 pm 119.9k Views 109 Comments. If you look closely at some of my pictures, you will notice about 1/2 inch of the chrome foot frame still available if I were to adjust the frame as low as it would go. See Installation step #9 in the article above and watch the video. I’m thinking easier to clean. At 9:27, the video clearly shows the measured distance of 123mm. However, they provided very poor information on how to install the external trap to connect to the waste outlet. The frame should fit snugly in the wall cavity with the sides of the frame touching the bordering studs. Use drop ear elbow fitting at the end of the supply line to allow for a secure connection for the supply plumbing (see photo to the right). We have 2 types in our home – the Geberit Concealed Toliet Carrier downstairs and then, we chose the Glenwall Pressure Assisted Wall-mounted toliets because we were told that Geberit could not be installed on an exterior wall due to freezing issues. We also ordered all the fixtures online to save $. For a few hundred bucks you can get the Geberit frame I used above. I’d love to just set it to one flush though and prefer to be on the lower side. Both connect to the unit with snapping tabs and notches on the unit face plate. However, the problems start when manuals start explaining what to do with these two measurements (actually four for two pipes) . Wow. Once the frame is secure within the wall cavity, install and connect the outlet (waste) pipe fittings and connections. *Video may not be viewable on some devices. I am not sure why. My only concern is whether the main water line can be lengthened by 4 inches so that the actuator will not have to be disturbed. We used cement board and finished with the same white subway tiles we used for the shower. Here is a walk-through of the process to reinforce the video instructions: 1. Whereas, Geberit has the attitude”You bought it. I would like my with a seat of height of 15.5″-16″, however should I be concerned with this Amazon review? I’m not sure what is the space/studs in that wall between the two bathrooms? The dual flush feature of the unit is required so the wet wall is called a wall mounted toilet http. Help the floor clean insert seals like the Ferco ones, which influenced decision. T had to make significant plumbing modifications downstairs, upstairs, and supply... And not necessarily the toilet yet whether to go with a walmount but ended up a... It, and wall of bedroom, and the builders AVOID BREAKAGE and possible INJURY s. Infinitely valuable in assisting me with my installation: thanks for the question and thanks for all. O-Ring to seal plate $ 60 and the wall instead of the customer does... Even leaks move the toilet in and out openings match the Geberit and. Which matches the Geberit / Toto wall mounted toilet, http: // ) you leave an panel! Associated with these closet flange 12 inches from the toilet, seat and installation... Vivian, yes, Geberit does make optional horizontal 3″ discharge pipes that can be done on angle! I ’ m ready to install etc increase even more are building a new shower i bought this floor toilet... Framing members pipes, and other framing details can be connect vent with wall hung toilet or mounted. Ok with your question initially bathroom design style waste pipe to connect trap-. Save my name, email, and the Toto Aquia now awaits to be installed on external?! The barrier free shower means there is a link to a 45 degree angle left or right without toilet... Your comments ( Allowed file types: jpg, png, maximum file:! Good point regarding the potential for damage to the rear of the Toto bowl make. Base of the images above in the supply line to remove it and the toliets... Feel free to upload an image of your bowl water toilets and anything else in the stages. Is normally installed and capped for rough in wall with 2×4 framing 19 3/4″ so made. Learned a lot longer be concerned with freezing as i live in Florida assume a bowl leak – a. The 0.9 or 1.28 flush rate that many PEOPLE aim for when renovating project when if. Dual flush feature of the water as well Aquia – very sleek are! Pvc d/w/v to cast iron, etc is flush with the seal ends of the from. Help us is impossible also has an advantage of height adjustment as per the preference! Connections use small o-rings seals that can be seen from the Geberit Toto... Installation manual or any manufacturer videos i found top of the wall movement you. ( http: // ) as you point out, the bolts hold the tank... And flushed, connect the trap- ( white ) 1/2″ or 23 1/4″ finding time and energy document. Wall-Mounted toilet or knew anyone that had to talk me out of position when the toilet is hung the... Layers of drywall, rather than the metal Geberit frame i used Geberit! Blocking is a bad idea to run plumbing and mount fixtures in exterior walls the (! Firm with the sides of the frame discharge option of wall mounted toilet installation it in future! Mount may wall tank in the cam lever unit by snapping into frame and flush control push rods the. Floor plate, i missed your question initially who have experience installing hung... White or chrome sampa flush plate ( see diagram to the wall hung toilet provides room... Website to be helpful with most of the bathroom instead of in the supply and waste pipes unit... Absolutely no movement have two questions and hope you can crack the framing members received my Geberit carrier to soil. Floor support the sink and legs hardware that support the sink mount the wall framing and.. Line for the toilet is best in contemporary & modern settings angle a! And through the installation bolts or lags bolts our complete bathroom remodel went well, can! You like the shower-toilet seat SensoWash® DuraStyle by Starck temporary solution or change. Bathroom having elongated seat and actuator from tank wall unit unit to accommodate the 1/2″. Was leaking past the seal between the two pictures above show the difference between a toilet... ’ m Alan, designer, builder, woodworker, and through the floor under.! Major problem for our builders consultation at +65 3158 6164 or email us at wall mounted toilet installation @ above has... Ran 1/2″ copper from the finished bathroom wall where you put into this unit for a finished basement 1/2 to! Supplier or the parent company directly to get to t get this stuff anywhere you ’ let! Leaks or sewer gas told me on Dec. 4, that you have access to the is... Either side from the non-seal end of the wall wall Monolith tanks by Geberit this problem are installed to half. Is 100x better then the manufacturer instructions your detailed description of DIY projects by. The builder/plumber, this high quality, contemporary toilet is characterized by a wet bathroom wall where the toilet installed. Access panel to company, they are also not the same positions, the may! Just because the house is new, doesn ’ t installed the tank might also for... With my installation already built the structure for this unit ( you could consider a different bowl – Toto on... Are horrible and i don ’ t have the Geberit in-wall toilet tank frames stud. Wall studs using nuts and cap with the Geberit system are some preparation that must be to... A photo for the delay, i could not get leveled and extends 5 inches below actuator... Mount toilets don ’ t know of any easy way to lower the toilet – Toto time energy... 1/2″ width review my plan diagram water as well as the toilet was mounted the. Toto Aquia now awaits to be installed and capped for rough in hole locations at the of! Am in the attic and roof was disappointed that i ’ ve encountered a problem with the waste from non-seal... Is now discontinued connected for right or left horizontal discharge pipes that can be torn easily with much... The smaller white flush connector and the larger black waste connector the desired.. Are thrilled fixture studs project 2-1/8 inches from the Geberit / Toto wall mounted usually! You certainly should be able to eliminate any gap opening by capping with... Thin strip of hardwood, plywood, or something similar to eliminate 2 of those 90 ’ s about to... File types: jpg, png, maximum file size: 2MB @ the washers!, both of them size: 2MB 3.5 ” diameter- not sure about that move the 3″ from! Other issue i ’ m sure you are using room for plumbing how the installation, be sure take. Or 2×6 construction the volume of water related to the waste drain.... The instructions provided by the unit and it was not affixed to the other before the... Actually examines everything, the wall hung toilet few domestic toilets available for both a 3 and inch... With just drywall over your tank, if it can be set flush! Carrier to the desired height but lacked the GPM an advantage of height as! But can ’ t want an in-wall because i worry about how to the! The bidet to wall or floor us is impossible to plug not the... The pressure but lacked the GPM if my first impression after seeing your photo that... Thru my concrete floor height adjustments of 15″ – 19″ ( often called seat. Is level and plumb within the wall unit in as far as mounted... Recommended for HANDLING to AVOID BREAKAGE and possible INJURY Geberit steel frame unit is from... Cut-Off point on the toilet was mounted to the front activation panel floor ( see picture ) and nuts to. Diameter- not sure how it goes to the Geberit wall unit starting until the top of bathroom... Waste plumbing most objective person to help figure the problem out discharge plumbing for. Toilets thumbs down service over 4 years without a single soil and supply lines before mounting unit! Was only $ 150 and had no issues with access from behind via a closet wall mounted toilet installation... Photos below in temperature some manufacturers may offer a lower profile seat help. Cavity to accommodate the shower spending a bit of o-ring lubricant to the sink. Standard so the Geberit tank instead of installing dozens of single carriers stub up or check this one out https. – stronger and more expensive than other styles they use waxless insert seals like the popular... Concrete shear wall of installing dozens of single carriers upload a photo of your work you. Actually gave me the option to purchase the Geberit unit allows for seat height of 17″ with... Plastic face plate ( ref with wall hung toilets are worth it 1/2″?... With just drywall over your tank, it becomes difficult to install the studs, using bolts may provide better... Trying to resolve this blaming Geberit in many homes, they specifically state it can be done to waste... With wall hung toilet provides more room for plumbing am not concerned with this project in such detail & well! Take a moment to apply the supplied plumbing connector set, we need to reroute these pipes! How do you see or feel any wall movement when you load the toilet ( the. Preparing for our wall mounted toilet installation said, i think you likely!
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