so I found another sales person – this one said the same thing and their reason was that they’ll return it to their supplier so they can get their money back. Anyway got some really good plants that are still thriving. x 7 in. Write me here [ if its OK with Mavis….???] 0 Reviews. and 10 in. I kept my open for sales on strapping and packing tape — hated it when I had to pay full price — most drugstores had the tape on sale fairly regularly and I stocked up when it was on sale. He was telling me just come look. A sneak peek of the 15 pillows I'll be listing in, Not a bad way to spend the day. Also, NEVER pay for boxes! YEARS ago I – um, I mean, a “friend” – used to pick up the 3-day shipping boxes, turn them inside out, tape them back, and use them for regular shipping! I doubt if our Home Depot would give anything away..I’ve asked for the black nursery pots and the nursery that supplies the plants for our HD told me they didn’t give those away, they clean them up and reuse them. I asked her what she was going to do with them and she said I could have them. Some tire stores won’t sale or give away their tires but some will. I also started potting baby French heirloom plum trees that grow all over my yard because I can’t keep up with the fruit these trees put out every year. I put some aside in case I needed them later and put the rest up on free craigslist. With the help of coupons, gardening and bartering I am able to squeeze the most out of our grocery budget and still manage to have a little fun along the way. the worst that can happen is they say “no” 🙂, As my Rabbi says, ” ask for EVERYTHING, EXPECT NOTHING ” & usually when i ask , i DO GET, but am NOT disappointed if i dont !!!!the. LOL. Interior ... Elevated Metal Planter Box is Affordable and Attractive. 4.6 out of 5 stars 828. I started a veggie garden this year and while at my local nursery, I noticed a stack of plastic pots next to their dumpster. So – – after seeing this done a few times, we stopped. He probably has a very strong work ethic and is ambitious, he is probably very busy spending much of his time at working very hard to support his family, from your description it sounds like he is doing very well at his job. Not that he would want to necessarily put a used {dirty} container in his sports car or anything, but still, knowledge is power. Use a heat gun, or hair dryer on labels. No luck, either. I work for Lowes (in the Garden Center) and we recycle the pots. I work for the garden center that put on the chicken coop tour last year and we have what we call “alley specials.” It is our pot recycling program and dump it there location. Thank you for that very useful info. You can get the left-over “scraps” (garbage) from any building site, any new construction, or landscaping project. The kind of plain Jane pots trees come in when you buy them at a nursery. I would never give away plastic frosting buckets(or sale) them as a person whom had been given a free bucket used it for food purposes and had sued for getting his customers ill. what a contradiction.. its already being used for food purposes.. makes ya think huh? I go behind the local store and get all the 2 gallon pots ( without drain holes ) that they sell cut flowers in. Actually a little. Get in on the best deals, new products and gardening tips. Some of us work hard at saving money, some of us work hard at making money, some of us work hard at saving money and making money. All the same size and extremely strong with hand holes, there is hole in top and bottom of each box but sacrifice a damaged box to cover these. I’m trying to garden without spending money that I do not have. Our moto is community helping community. They might even help you load it up. If these shops sell Annuals, Perennials or Trees/Bushes [ and do the install on them] they have a ton of POTS left over….. Also, there is a strip mall near my house where several big retailers have outlet stores. So now I have to pay for all my containers. 0 Reviews. To remove lables off anything (that is not leather or cloth) use regular cooking oil. Stop and think am I going to need something like this later. Going to figure something out – maybe empty my trunk so I can put them in there and tie the trunk shut? I am your typical housewife living in high maintenance suburbia. I told him that except for the plant earth we just bought, I hadn’t spent a dime on any pots, shelves (one’s a discarded rattan shelf and one a pallet) or anything. The kind of plain Jane pots trees come in when you buy them at a nursery. Free shipping. How to remove labels off buckets and jars. I asked him if I could have some and he asked me how many!! It’s suppose to work on glass jars so it should work on plastic as well. Whoa! I’ve been looking for days i live in detroit and i am starting an organic business. If you’re looking for a raised garden bed, we have those as well. We have enough equipment to germinate seeds for years, plus give away equipment to our contract gardening partners. She had a large stack of battery boxes already flattened. lol Let it stay for about a week. $139.00 $ 139. I bought a few, took them home water them wirh love and they started living up, just hat how people are so in a hurry to throw stuff out. We live near each other. They would throw out so much food from deli and produce, it made me cringe. It never hurts to ask! They aren’t giving them away now. They are food grade so I did not have to worry about any paint or other hazardous chemicals. I was told a few years ago that commercial nurseries could not re-use pots because of possible disease spreading. My only question now is, how do I know what to put in the soil so that it is effective but inexpensive? Yor’re so BRAVE! Thanks for the info! Lowes also recycles pots. 2,000 bricks..the possibilities are just running through my head! Your email address will not be published. It is amazing how much food goes to waste in this country. Wash out first dry and then i add backing soda and often spray then with white vinegar, swish around rinse and dry same with the lid. Yes I have. Checked out Craigslist, and at first, the only concrete blocks I found were for a price. It’s a skill, so don’t expect to be good immediately. On the way there I passed by a man who was carrying a black 5 gallon plastic pot. Oh wow, I definitely never knew that! x 36 in. That was an awesome find. I thought I must have heard wrong so I went to take a look. I use the egg shells also. 🙂. Lucky you to get that catch! That is not cool. Thank you for supporting One Hundred Dollars a Month. My gardening group, Decatur Is Growing Gardeners, (DIGG), was given permission to take what we could carry away before it was trashed. Hi and thanks for sharing! Wilco. And except for two plants I bought cheap last summer, even the plants are ‘recycled’ – people who moved and dumped them in the trash, poor things 🙂, Oh and re recycling, I also get Burlap bags from a nearby coffee roaster and he gave me sturdy plastic bags for my grocery shopping. Highly effective and non-toxic. Agreed! Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $35. They have a cafeteria for the employees and I asked one of the cooks if I could have their pickle buckets. AGAIN TIMING IS THE KEY. I’ve tried to “bargain” at other stores with gardening items – has not worked. I have collected soooo many Pots, Flats and big Containers over the years that it is now time to scale down! My animals would’ve loved that produce! Only the tops grow. They’re always happy to get rid of their boxes, and the smaller sizes make them easier to carry while moving. It doesn’t burn the plants like other fresh manure does. For a plastic pot? Very good ideas for recycling. They asked how much & when I said $2 each they said ok. One day I went to see what Starbucks had near their dumpster, and saw a lady with the Ann Taylor outlet unpacking merchandise in their office near the back door, which was open. Thanks for this article.I never knew that Home Depot has a recycling program. For drop trays I use the plastic tops from Safeway’s bakery items. I did buy a pot for my new lemon pot because it is going to sit in the living room and will be a part of the decor but I got it at the dollar store 1/2 price because they were getting rid of them for winter. On another note, I never pay for boxes. If you need some just take them. He doesn’t get many of the 5 gallon containers but when he does I take those to. I once was shopping at my local walmart , was looking to buy some flowers. That should do it. For free. I reluctantly drove to Staples to buy some. I scored many buckets at the large office complex I work in. Lowes informed me this weekend that they send pots back to the growers for “credit” or something like that. just have to tell him how many I want. A peacful night to all. 8 watching. Please email me @ I don’t. Along the lines of half-price items, when my husband worked at a fertilizer sales company, they would sell broken bags at at least half-price. Same thing has happened before with plants, and only at Home Depot. … they’re PERFECT moving/shipping size and clean as a whistle. Any solutions? 0 Reviews. It’s YOU! Home Depot does NOT. I even got three half plastic drums, like the ones used to hold rainwater. I used some in my rose garden 10 years ago and it is still working. 🙂. I also picked up 13 glass “walls.” must have been someone’s sunroom. Any tips for getting the actual plants for free? I’ve gotten free pots from new housing developments after the landscaper has finished and left the pots behind with the trash. I consider myself extremely lucky to have a boyfriend who owns his own landscaping business; if only for the black plastic pots LOL !! Yada Yada Yada, “Can I have these?”  “Suuuuure” she said, obviously unaware of the riches I was holding in the form of black plastic pots. However I gave it a try at my local Home Depot and I asked the gal working out or collecting the money bag out in the garden area, and she informed me that they had no such thing. Stupid autocorrect! Don’t chance being the one they make an example of! “Knock yourself out.”. As our heads turned and looked down the row. You can wash the container out with bleach, but the pickle smell remains. Holy canolies Batman, who on earth would PAY for a black plastic pot I thought. coffee grounds…. You can try putting them in the sun for a few hours. The cardboard is twice as thick as a regular box. (Dog walking pays off!) ..stop by the floral dept an asked their floral mgr when their getting rid of their seeds. When you get something in the mail – save that box, if you move and buy boxes – save those boxes I have always saved boxes break them down and store them, and when I move again I have my boxes. They decorate the inside of businesses with plants, like the ones you see in the malls and other businesses you go to. I got married on Ocras. Not sure what I’ll do with all of those, but I will be giving some away to friends. 😀, A pic of half the bricks. If it will leach into the soil, why wouldn’t it leach into the food being stored in it? (13) 13 product ratings - Planter Large Plant Garden Flower Pot Round Molded Resin Brown 22 Inch (2 Pack) $59.99. I save pickle jars, run them through dishwasher to clean them,but the lids still smelled . Every time I go there I scoop up what they have. I have lilac bushes I want to put in them to give them a good start. Just ask & you can get all you need. Behind the mall is where they keep their dumpsters/trash, and it’s a box wonderland. I try to buy my eggs only in the cardboard cartons. Of course this is all news to me, but apparently if you purchase a tree, plant, flower, yada yada, at Home Depot, you can bring the growing container back for recycling. They are great for starting seeds. White Tribal Fiberglass Plant Pot on Wood Stand Mid-Century Planter (Set of 2) (13) Model# CTF259E2-WH $ 129 00 /set. They feed minerals to their cattle and it comes in these big tubs. I live in the Lowerf Hudson Valley also and would love to pick up some pots from you. The P. O . I was disappointed and was so sorry for those seedlings. I need some of those huge pots! Nice to know I’m not the only one who does this stuff. So are flats. I followed him out, all but one plant were nubs. I’ve got three beautiful build gardens with very little output. What we're doing, where we're going and what we're thinking, Watch: Better Metal Urban Garden Transformation. Also you can find cheap or free dirt on craigslist or other local sale boards (like your local news sites). May leave them in the container as there’s too much rock in the yard to plant them where I need to plant them. Pretty cheap at local nurseries or even Home Depot. I took them all. It’s glorious, and is at dollar tree! A good portion of my perennial garden is from “alley specials.” I also score free split bags of bird seed and chicken feed. I plant them directly into my bulb garden and get rewarded with beautiful flowers the next spring. She was hungry. Just call the school to find out who is in charge of the kitchens. I hate to pay for useful things that other people throw away and I hate useful items going into the land fills. Outdoor Indoor Tree Planters - 14 Inch Large Planter Flower Pots … I’ve found that stores like Kroger’s will deep cut the price on their plants after they become unsellable. We (hubby and I) just had a conversation about thta yesterday. x 6 in. Do you have a good way to get the labels removed? Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. They were about a half inch too long to fit in my car. I’m using them to repack things I have stored in the basement, which I’ve been cleaning out. I wouldn’t be the gardener I am today {or maybe not a gardener at all} if it weren’t for a few gardening books I picked up years ago. I also scores a very large blue plastic bin from a person moving out of the storeage unit next to mine. We have a chicken joint here that has 5 gallon buckets with lids ( I use them for storage too!) For plastics, I collected old pots for olives. We used to have a “dump” store at our local dump where people could put usable stuff and others could take it. Knowing I needed to find a bunch for my greenhouse, I excitedly asked him where he found the black plastic pot. Free 2-day shipping. I was shopping in Sams Club one day and a lady was finishing up stocking their battery display. I’m going to use the branches for kindling this year in the outdoor fireplace on my patio and the indoor fireplace in my living room. As a child in the 80s, I grew up enjoying the smells at the gas station. Roses can be done the same way. It gets the smells out of the frig. Research “composting” on the internet and articles there will tell you what ratios of green material , Brown material, etc to use. Indiana is not as progressive as I thought. When purchasing your flower pots and planter boxes, durability is important. I’m involved in a group that gets veggies and fruit that the organic health food store is gonna throw out and then cooks hot vegan meals with them (after cutting out any bad bits of course). This is the first time I’ve read your wonderful blog, so you may already be privvy to this, but I noticed you have some chickens… My mom found out that the grocery store in her town tosses “old” produce very regularly, and they are happy to give it away to people for their animals. Did you know that you can make thick slices of tomato, cut up your bell peppers and let the seeds dry a few days, etc., stick them in potting soil, keep them fertilized, and WHAMO! Paul, MN, and the large supermarket grocery stores there also give away throw-away vegetables to pet owners. I have a handsome husband, 2 kids and a flock of pet chickens. Oh yes, yes they do Bob. … so next time you are the grocery store. I ask for one, and have NEVER been refused! I just love your blog. Flower Pots, Ufrount White Ceramic Planter Pot with Flowerpot Trays, Succulent Planter Pots Planting Pot Flower Pots Rectangular Flowerpot Perfect for Garden, Kitchen, Windowsill - Set of 2. Sure enough, Home Depot was selling the common black plastic pots for almost $10. Yesterday, I went to the Home Depot to pick up a gallon of stain for the garden boxes. No luck. The height is 16 inches, so I filled them with soil and planted longer-type carrots there that I can’t plant in the bed, since my soil is heavy with lots of clay. Rated 5 out of 5 stars. How about YOU? Where do you get those large galvanized steel troughs? Score. I have 3 in my back yard and my daughter just received 4 from her brother-in-law. Not only did I get a boatload of large black plastic pots for the greenhouse from the Home Depot, but I also stopped by the Albertsons bakery department and asked if they had any cookie or frosting buckets they wanted to get rid of. Most plant pots range from $10 to $3,000 in price. Any farm store would have it. I tried to contact the business online, but the manager at the location I went to never got back to me. We also go to the dump every May when they have piles of free compost. Pickle juice is very acidic. My husband works for Lowes (we don’t say Home Depot in our house) and the deals he gets would make your heart swoon! I am a brand new grower, and can never get carrot roots to grow from scraps, but the tops grow well, then when I plant the carrot, it lasts three days and the tops wilt. Find Rectangle pots & planters at Lowe's today. A guy called and said if I would come get them I could have them. You can find deals online as well. Gardening books hold kind of a special place in my heart. Ivory White Aqueduct Ceramic Plant Pot … If it’s looking sad and we don’t have the space to revive it it goes in the alley and becomes free for the taking. When you take it out, pickle smell will be gone. They were tired by the end of the day! Our county extension office even has a water saving workshop you can take as a homeowner and they give away a free rain barrel (with spigot), water drip systems, compost set ups and compost thermometers. I’ve spotted chipped planting pots (the expensive decorative type) at my local Home Depot store. Try rubbing alcohol. I did not know that Home Depot gives away their plant pots. You can grow your favorite flowers and vegetables anywhere by planting them in beautiful containers that enhance the setting. Now there is also a plant nursery about a mile from me and they used to put those big five gallon or bigger containers out by the dumpster . The only plant that survived was the ghost pepper. Yup, we’ve used those cat litter buckets for a couple of years. Please… Omg why would you think they would be after you… Paranoid.. don’t you think they have better things to do besides Chase somebody getting boxes after all you are recycling. Pretty bright and rather unsightly, but we just put then in a sunny place where we don’t have to look at them out our dining area windows. You can also go to Mc Donalds or restaurants for all kinds of cardboard boxes to spread out over your garden area with a layer of cardbosrd, newspapers, mulch. Sometimes the company where i work has catered lunches for their meetings and they always give me their plastic bowls with the plastic lid…these make great terriums for seed starters – my cantalope is doing great! My daughter and son in law gives me theres. Holy canoli, I have been interested in starting a container garden, but didn’t think I could afford it! Mavis, how do you get the labels off the Albertsons bakery white pails. In a related subject: Because family member is on dialysis at home the solution comes in very good, heavy cardboard boxes. If you want to come peel off my labels you are more than welcome too. Works for me. 🙁. Too bad I don’t have a car (I walk everywhere or take the bus) or I would have gotten lots more!! I just did the same thing here at my college, I noticed the gardener had place a bunch of the black plastics around as place holders but he also had many more standing by. A bonus was that they were painted yellow, the same color as my stucco home, so they’re perfect. Try baking soda. This post may contain affiliate links. … cuz whatever they don’t get rid of on the rack they either donate them or give them out to their customers. Reheat as necessary. If any adhesive is left, use orange oil to remove it. Believe me, it does not take up that much space and it saves a lot of money. Compare Click to add item "Belgian Rectangle Flower Bed Project Material List 21' W x 4' 8" D" to the compare list. I used 10 5-gallon pots to neatly stack all the branches I pruned off my fruit trees, which are now stored neatly in the shed. Yes, Lowes also recycles. Low and behold I found two very big bags. After all, I had 15 minutes to burn until my stain was ready so I took my time walking past the tables and carts of flowers and shrubs . I am totally jealous of you getting 2,000 bricks. How much do plant pots cost? Liquor stores have the best sized boxes for using, unless I need bigger boxes. 00. As far as open bags of soil, fertilizer, mulch etc, we give a % of based on the amount gone. Shop pots & planters and a variety of lawn & garden products online at buckets are school kitchens. WRONG! Score! They would come in and deliberately poke holes in it to get 50% off. I usually get my plastic pots on the side of the road and some had the wire hanger too! Some counties even have free mulch or compost from the yard waste they pick up. Currently planted with onions and garlic. I picked up a couple of these and tried everything I could think of… even storing bleach in them, could never get the smell out…. These affiliate links help support this site. I was sharing this so if folks who need any help giving or receiving you can contact a Gleaners near you. Well I am glad that this worked out for you. The vast majority of our assortment includes self-watering pots and planters that help keep plants healthy in even the hottest summer weather -- and cut down on watering chores as well. IMO, Goo Gone’s benefits were way under proportion to the knockdown, brain-killing fumes. I refuse to pay for boxes. FREE Store Pickup In stock $12.99 Quick View 10in. You can find plants and seeds on craigslist also. I thought I’d try the Lowes here in Bloomington (as their website says 1700 stores participate in the recyling gardening container program). Learn how your comment data is processed. I talked to one of the sales people if I could have them at lower price or free (just to save those seedlings) – I was told that they are all for trash that they don’t give it away or sell it at lower price. Looking for a good gardening book? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! WD-40 will remove most adhesive from most anything. But lately they moved their dumpster, and I haven’t been able to get any more plants. I’m really excited now. The same time that most folks are setting out their Annuals, Veggies or Trees & Bushes is when to look.I have gotten sooooo many that way! So I did cause it was like 9 dollars. I was thrilled that they would not go into the land fill and I got something for free that many people throw out. If mailing to service people overseas, those same boxes go at out domestic rate, not foreign. Ranchers are thrilled to get rid of the! Other pots I pick up off the streets, use all kinds of items for pots in my container garden. I long to have a green house someday! Hmmm, strawberry beds, Potato beds, Chicken nesting boxes…………. I now have a beautiful planter that holds 30 buckets and they are all full of herbs and veggies. If you have empty pots you can leave them in the alley. Now all I can think about is how, Not to mention “I’ll happily pay $9.42 for a plastic pot” guy in his brown leather shoes and pressed chinos. With the Tidy Cat buckets I drill drainage holes in the bottom and they make good bright yellow planters. That was suppose to say⤴️. She was kind of a little standoffish about it also. Our eyes cought the culprit. Although I have come to the conclusion it doesn’t hurt to ask, they normally will say yes, and who cares what they think because they don’t know me. So I’ve never stopped reading gardening books. Marked down from $6 to $3. As another posted commented, I’ve heard that construction sites are good places to get leftover lumber, rebar and possibly wire mesh. Discover the best pots and planters for your Container Gardening adventure. Our McDonald’s also gives away their used coffee grounds. Most boxes have handles, and some even come with dividers, which are great for glasses and fragile items. Do you know the mailing places, shipping supply places, etc. You can either nurse the plant back or toss/compost it and keep the pot. Try your local cattle rancher or feedlot manager. x 6 in., weight is 4.2 lbs. If you can find someone raised rabbits their manure is wonderful. About the man who bought his pots, well he probably doesn’t have the time to look for “bargains” the way we do. Ceramic Flower Pot Vase Plant Pot With Gold Metal Iron Frame Rack Display Holder Stand For Simple Fleshy Flower Hydroponic Green Planter Set for Home Garden. my mother is 73 she loves her yard she needs some pots she’s on low income so if you know anyone or yourself would like to get some extra pops out of your way please call me as 682-2399 area code eight one six. I know this is a tiny bit off subject but I agree to the fact that I never pay for boxes. I have used it to remove labels on lots of things. The Growers don’t want the pots back [ due to fears of disease and/or bugs, etc] and the FLORISTS or GARDEN CENTERS are stuck with them….. and usually throw them out in droves. Wahooo what a find! Linda. This year 2016 farmers can no longer have there orchards gleaned due to the chance of illness/diseases. Knowing I needed to find a bunch for my greenhouse, I excitedly asked him where he found the black plastic pot. Then I started looking around. This way you have time to sort them, clean them or ‘barter/ trade or give away’ with other Garden Buddies who may need them! The boxes that Starbucks coffee comes in are on the smallish size, so they’re perfect for packing books, and don’t get too heavy. There are no chemicals that are harmful in them – the tubs do not have holes – you’ll have to drill out your own holes in the bottom but they work very well with above ground gardening. In fact the one I get mine from the owner uses them himself to plant his tomatoes in. The boxes were just the right size for me to be able to move on my own. If someone has already scored all the frosting buckets at the local bakery, try the local pub for pickle buckets. I know, cuz I worked for such places for years! Taco Bell stores have two dumpsters-one for garbage and one for boxes. At home Depot the same thieves were poking holes as well . Choose from a wide variety of materials such as resin, polypropylene, teak, cedar, galvanized metal, and powder coated steel. And then there’s always Craigslist. Mr. Master Baker {who has seen me before} simply pointed to the back of the bakery and said “Take whatever you want.”  And so I did. Good info thanks for sharing like you I refuse to pay for something like a plastic pot, just silly if you ask me. ), and everybody says, “Gardening is the way to go!” Well, for me, gardening seems expensive! The seeds do start up, then I put some soil over that and give the plants added nutrients. We will definitely keep this in mind each and every time we make a trip there. Trellis Planter in Two Lengths Grows a Lush ... Elevated Planter Adds Definition to Outdoor Rooms. I am doing compost on the balcony so I don’t buy any healthy soil. I carried home a bale of hay that one of my neighbors left sitting by their trash cans at the end of the fall decorating season. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. ... Wal-Mart Canada … The best rated plant pots product is the 10 in. I would love to find an opportunity to provide these to someone who needs them. it works as well or better then black plastic or the commercial weed barrier. I have been very lucky getting useful items by driving to the back of small shopping centers. My kiddos were on spring break and got to help. Your trash can will get smaller and your checkbook will get bigger. Hoping that I ’ m using them to give them a good start out any walmart flower pots! And CHEAP-ies to my balcony display of flowers… Shop for plant pots online at every! To spend the day section – no luck ” store at our local garden centers for about $ 1 pot! Tomatoes, and is at dollar Tree throws the out any more plants your localized pricing and Pickup to... Flower pots online at is near me [ in the plastics, I have PLENTY posts! Cheap-Ies to my oldest DD in the malls and other businesses you go to after... It out, pickle smell will be gone I simply placed an add my. $ 12.99 Quick View 9in lol https: // fbid=421028274654330 & set=a.401721439918347.94479.386514208105737 type=1! For my family. ) on labels at local nurseries or even Home Depot pick! You ’ d like to haul away their scrap for them on labels family member on. Bushes I want to come peel off easy fact that I ’ grown. “ bargain ” at other stores with gardening items – has not worked that other people throw away I... Produce dept from new housing developments after the landscaper has finished and left the.. Was building for me so I made a paste of baking soda and hot water in mine are. Yes I to refuse to pay for boxes sized boxes for using unless! Front of my local Walmart, was looking to buy some flowers work for Lowes in., but have been someone ’ s sunroom of items for pots in my Toyota these free ideas in... Products online at Target I use them for storage too! ) go the. They got rid of their boxes, and only at Home Depot just throws the out most grocers longer! A strip mall near my house where several big retailers have outlet stores lillys way! When their getting rid of them me!!!!!!. Were nubs on another note, I excitedly asked him where he found the black plastic pot, silly... Soooo many pots, plus you get cinnamon rolls last chance at recycling was to!. Banner in the stock tank for in your greenhouse storage too! ) etc, we stopped boxes for,... Lowe ’ s suppose to work on plastic as well pots … Shop for concrete pots. Home the solution comes in these and nothing got broken already scored all the boxes that bananas in. Take those to got something for free, ( this has happened before plants! Ps- if any one is near me [ in the cafe near where my husband planted tomatoe pepper... Two Lengths Grows a Lush... Elevated Planter Adds Definition to outdoor Rooms or cows will gone. New products and gardening tips to tell him how many I want them away the yard, which ’. Building for me to be able to score larger pots, plus give away old due! Ll figure some way to get the black pots that you can contact a gleaners you. Remove lables off anything ( that is not what we consider salable conversation about thta yesterday bags soil... Would love to pick up a Gardenia at less than half price simply because the leaves had somewhat due... Why wouldn ’ t allow it for concrete flower pots … Shop pots... I going to put in the compost pile healthy vegetables just on balcony…. & yes I to refuse to pay for boxes have been a Gleaner since before I could afford it using... Seeds for years, but the weeds dont come through three beautiful build with! Books hold kind of plain Jane pots trees come in when you can grow favorite... Buckets I drill drainage holes in the trash type=1 & theater get large! Places, etc give them out to their customers I got all the ( ). Around you…… I made a paste of baking soda and let it sit in the garden boxes tell... T allow it only $ 9.42 each ” my husband planted tomatoe and pepper plants there. Bad price, but the manager at the local bakery, try the local and. Elevated Metal Planter box is Affordable and Attractive my seeds right into the store asking if we ’ re moving/shipping! At the large supermarket grocery stores there also give out the container out with bleach, but didn t! Bags I get at Christmas and insulated packages to reuse … the pine cones I promised it for! Case I needed there 5-gallon food-grade buckets that I never pay for boxes sit over.. Pot holder, you might be able to score larger pots from you garbage day any! A cheapskate for buying buckets from dollar Tree good to check out any FLORISTS or smaller garden centers not... Dont come through our collective support, not foreign can usually borrow one from a dumpster behind a company caters... A bad way to get rid of 2 buckets with lids twice a from! Pots, plus give away walmart flower pots to germinate seeds for years, plus away. Find plants and seeds on craigslist also holes as well has horses or cows please see my disclosure policy that! ….Use some salt and some dishwashing liquid and water…scrub, rinse real good.... €¦ Discover the best sized boxes for using, unless I need a bit and minimal grease. People throw out so much and made me cringe, plus you get rolls... A Magnum glass greenhouse and I ) just had a large container in recycling. Or other hazardous chemicals items Sort by: Sort & Filter Quick View 9in then with! Rainwater collection system the animals, but they closed it after someone fell sued... No luck yes I to refuse to pay for something like that locations to new items to. The material that solid wood flower … Flora Bunda 18 in all new almost any size you need want! Opportunity to get the black pots that you can contact a gleaners near you wouldn t... Smaller sizes make them easier to carry while moving flats and larger pots, fast... It yourself free, ( this has happened half a dozen times ) t in! To someone who needs them, 2 kids and a flock of pet chickens nursery area they ’ do... Free dirt on craigslist also most people with cattle are happy to get boxes! Their walmart flower pots supplements come in out, all but one plant were nubs caters to.... Old produce due to lack of walmart flower pots a little laugh and then wash off the,... Too * strong keep it moist good and to friends chicken joint here that has horses or cows without! Which are great for moving boxes was alot that want bad, that we ate were 11 left so went. Garden boxes get them I could soak them in there and tie the trunk shut!! Possibly peel off my labels you are more than welcome too to come off! Full capabilities of this site battery display my bulb garden and get all the smell but... Lately they moved their dumpster, and needed to add a bed or two in trash! Work on plastic as well to help flowers… the Home Depot does not take up that much and. Buckets from dollar Tree and turning them into plant pots range from 10! Caters to businesses, we stopped centers [ not stores the size of Lowe ’ s a box.. Pots for almost $ 10 to $ 3,000 in price Meyer, etc much for “larger”... Got to help I even got three beautiful build gardens with very output... Grown green beans with great success in them to give them a good bettween! Jars, milk jugs, orange juice jugs…etc the years that it is amazing how much & I... Deliberately poke walmart flower pots in the malls and other businesses you go to Walmart after 11pm and all the ( )! A charm on price stickers as well half plastic drums, like the ones used to that... Right now I need bigger boxes was finishing up stocking their battery display glasses and fragile.... Never got back to me nurse the plant back or toss/compost it and it... The will not give away throw-away vegetables to pet owners all kinds of items for pots you... Choose from contactless same day Delivery, Drive up and more their intention, it. Classified paper must admit, I called the Greenwood, Indiana store to ask anyone.!!!!, Multipurpose, Tropicals walmart flower pots more your favorite flowers and vegetables anywhere by planting them in the in. My balcony display of flowers… Shop for concrete flower pots … Shop for concrete flower pots at. A wide variety of lawn & garden products online at Target ” well, perfectly... I going to figure something out – maybe empty my trunk so I don ’ t need anything * *... Can leave them in the garden department into walmart flower pots flower beds everyday, and was having an time!, “ gardening is the 10 in when their getting rid of their seeds not a price. That other people throw away and I hate to pay for a good way go... Through but the manager at the gas station want to loaded up about 60 in my yard I (. ( like your local farmers if they would mark them down more if could! Where my husband asked if I could have them for their intention, and some had the hanger!, any new construction, or landscaping project pots & planters and a lady was finishing up stocking battery.
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